BUP Teachers’ Day: Inner Sustainability – the core of education for sustainability

2023-02-22T16:13:47+00:00February 22nd, 2023|Events, For teachers|

Welcome all teachers within the BUP to BUP Teachers’ Day! Time: 18.4. 2023, 13-15.30 CET Place: Online Click for registration form. Ann-Christin Furu. Traditionally, Sustainable Development is based on three pillars: the ecological, the societal, and the economic sustainability. But to be aware of these, your inner transition, or inner sustainability, is of importance. How do you understand, feel and relate to all the things that are happening around you? Both on the local and the global scale. When you support your own wellbeing and work to develop abilities, skills, and qualities for inner growth, you are better prepared [...]