The year 2022 has been turbulent for the whole Baltic University Programme (BUP) cooperation, due to Russia’s offensive war in Ukraine. The situation has a direct and concrete impact on BUP with 17 member universities in Ukraine. The BUP coordinating secretariate reacted immediately and according to the directives from Uppsala University. The result was that the cooperation within BUP can continue, but the member countries diminished from twelve to ten (no member universities from Russia and Belarus).

BUP Finland at the BUP Rectors’ Conference in Uppsala, September 2022. From the left: Cecilia Lundberg, Annina Kainu, Sinikka Suomalainen, Tapio Salmi, Paula Lindroos and Gunilla Widén.

Two years after the original plans – due to the pandemic – the BUP Rectors’ Conference, and the same time the celebration of BUP 30 years, took place at Uppsala University in late September. BUP Finland held the presidency within BUP for the autumn 2022. Due to the Rectors’ conference and the other regular activities, the only occasion due to the presidency was the online seminar on sustainable foot- and handprints at Finnish universities (i.e. BUP members).

BUP Finland is happy to again have been able to arrange courses face to face after the Covid break.

BUP Finland´s activities during 2022:

  • Webinar series ESD and Digitalisation – Implications of Digital Technology for Education Policy and Practice, 4 webinars from November 2021–February 2022. Keynote #1: Yash Chawla, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. Keynote #2: Shepherd Urenje, Uppsala University. Keynote #3: Jukka Manner, Aalto University. Keynote #4: Charlotta Hilli, Åbo Akademi University. More information and a link to the webinars on Youtube.
  • BUP Teachers’ Day, online, 27.4. The idea was to share experiences and best practices with the BUP colleagues and on the same time inspire for future work and communication. More information and a link to the recording.
  • Introduction to ESD – Education for Sustainable Development (5 ECTS), online courses in cooperation with the Open University at Åbo Akademi, 2.11.2021–30.1.2022 and 20.9–8.12.2022. More information about the course.
A group of smiling people posing to the camera.

BUP Science Lab for Teachers, Riga, August 2022.

  • BUP Science Lab for Teachers. An initiative financed by BUP coordinating secretariat and arranged in cooperation between Riga Technical University, SWEDESD at Uppsala University and BUP Finland/Åbo Akademi University. The course consisted of a series of educational and research coaching events aimed particular for BUP teachers in higher education that have previous participated in the BUP Teachers’ Course. Kick off meeting online 21–22.6 and a workshop at RTU in Riga 25–26.8.
A group of smiling people posing to the camera.

BUP Teachers’ Course, the first workshop in Tallinn, October 2022.

  • BUP Teachers’ Course – ESD in Higher Education (5 ECTS), September 2022–March 2023. E-learning on Moodle, workshop I at Tallinn University, Estonia, 11–13.10.2022, preparation of individual change project, workshop II at Kaunas Technical University, Lithuania, 1–3.3.2023. More information about the course.

Sinikka Suomalainen and Annina Kainu leading the online seminar “Sustainable foot- and handprints at the Finnish BUP universities”, November 2022.

  • Sustainable foot- and handprints at Finnish Universities, online seminar hosted by BUP Finland/Åbo Akademi University, 17.11. Program and recordings.
  • The Baltic Sea Environment – Challenges and Solutions (5 ECTS), course material free to use (cc-licensed) for an undergraduate level course or for self-studies. Recorded lectures, films, literature, quizzes, assignments. Will be ready for publication on the BUP course platform in January/February 2023.
  • Exploring Sustainability – Theories, Definitions and Perspectives (5 ECTS), course material will be free to use (cc-licensed) on the BUP course platform. Under construction, BUP Finland/Åbo Akademi University is part of the preparation work.

Cooperation and representation

  • Åbo Akademi University is part of the network European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR). ESSSR is an inter-university consortium with the aim to coordinate the sustainability science
  • BUP is appointed a flagship project in the policy area of education as part of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).
  • ÅAU member of the BUP Board is Professor Tapio Salmi.
  • BUP members in Finland are Åbo Akademi University, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Haaga–Helia University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, University of Turku, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, and Åland University of Applied Sciences.

For more information on the activities at BUP, visit and The BUP Action Plan for 2023 and the BUP Strategy are presented on BUP’s web page.