Group of smiling students on konference. The BUP Coordinating Secretariat calls for students and PhD students at BUP participating Universities, who are interested in becoming Student Ambassadors 2021. The Baltic University Programme aims to develop its communication and cooperation strategy with each of its 89 participating universities all over the Baltic Sea Region. As students and PhD students make up a large part of the target group, BUP is now establishing a BUP Student Ambassadorship. This new position functions in addition to the BUP Student Representatives and the Student Parliament.

The role of Student Ambassadors will be to, on the one hand, cooperate with these other democratic institutions and alumni students and on the other hand to serve as a contact person between their home university and its students, and the Coordinating Secretariat in Uppsala as well as the National Centra.

In order to apply for the position of the Student Ambassador at your home university, you are required to be a student or PhD student at a BUP participating university, with the intention of maintaining the status as a student/PhD Student for the full year of 2021. Moreover, you must have good English skills and a basic understanding of environmental or sustainability issues. The position is for one semester, with possibilities for pro longing up to one full year.

Deadline for your application is 10 February 2021. NOTE! The deadline has been extended, don’t hesitate to be in contact!

For more information, please see the Baltic University Programme’s web page.