The Baltic University Programme arranges courses for students

The Baltic University Programme organises several events and conferences each year, on Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. Organising is often a joint project between two or several Participating Universities, and open for students from BUP Participating Universities, sometimes also for students from other universities. If you belong to a Participating University there is no course fee. Here is a list of the BUP Participating Universities, more members are welcome, so if you don’t find your university here, please give them a hint about BUP.

Check the news on and/or activities on BUP Uppsala for latest events and conferences.

Some events are recurrent, for example the ones below.

Image of sailing ship.

Sail for students

A course/conference onboard a tall sailing ship STS Frederyk Chopin. The journey lasts for 12 days, in Baltic or nearby European waters.

Image of a beach with people sunbathing.

BUP Summer Course

The content is based on various interdisciplinary aspects of sustianable development, e.g. Circular Economy, Maritime Spatial Planning, and Energy.

Image of hands in clear sea water.

BUP Students’ Conference

The content is based on various interdisciplinary aspects of sustianable development, e.g. Circular Economy, Personal Contribution to Sustainability, and Sustainability Innovations.

Educational material

In addition to courses, events and conferences the BUP has produced a number of textbooks, booklets, films and other course materials. You find them on BUP’s publications page. Some educational material is also published on Baltic University  Programme’s YouTube channel.

Awards and grants for PhD students

For PhD students, BUP has an annual PhD Award in two categories, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Natural Sciences and Engineering. The winners are newly graduated doctors from the BUP member universities. The thesis has to fulfil the criteria of inter/multidisciplinarity, innovation and sustainable development. All research fields are welcome, but a focus on the Baltic Sea Region is an extra advantage. 

BUP also offers the BUP Mobility Grant and the PhD students training. More information on Baltic University Programme’s web page for education