The Baltic University Programme arranges courses and provides educational material for teachers

The Baltic University Programme annually organises courses for teachers in higher education. The courses are international and open for all interested, however teachers from the BUP Participating Universities are prioritised. The courses are free of charge for participants within the BUP, others pay a participation fee.

Here is a list of the BUP Participating Universities, more members are welcome, so if you don’t find your university here, please give them a hint about joining BUP.

Recurrent events

Some events and courses are recurrent, the following are arranged by BUP Finland:


BUP Teachers’ Course

BUP Teachers’ Day

Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development

Sail for Teachers

Check the news on and/or activities on BUP Uppsala for latest events and conferences.

Educational material

In addition to courses, events and conferences the BUP has produced a number of textbooks, booklets, films and other course materials. The following material to be used by teachers is produced by BUP Finland:

Material for lessons suitable for usage as a whole, or in parts, to be included in courses about climate change – risk management at university level. The core content is climate risk assessment and the background and implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR in the Baltic Sea Region. (Produced in 2021. Click on the headline to get to the material)

  • Publication about education for Sustainable Development

Results of the Baltic University Programme’s course Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education 2017–2018: Promoting Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education, special edition of Studia Periegetica 3(23)/2018 (pdf). Volume editor Cecilia Lundberg.

More educational material on BUP’s education pages and publications is published on BUP’s publications page.

Online seminar recordings

Follow the links for seminars and presentations that have been recorded and published on Youtube.

Sustainable foot- and handprints at the Finnish BUP universities (Seminar November 11, 2022)

BUP Teachers’ Day 2022 (April 27, 2022.)

The Power of Popular Culture – Head of Research PhD Peter Ehrström, Åbo Akademi University. Key-note presentation on the reunion of the BUP Teachers’ Courses 2017-2020. (March 23–24, 2021)

Some educational material is also published on Baltic University Programme’s YouTube channel.

Some educational material is also published on Baltic University Programme’s YouTube channel.