6th session of the seminar series BUP Space Bridges 2.0
16.9.2021 at 14-16 CEST (15-17 EEST)

The 6th session of the seminar series BUP Space Bridges 2.0 will focus on social sustainability and why it matters to us. This interactive session will also present the Timeout method and offer each participant an opportunity to explore social sustainability in a Timeout discussion.  

Laura Arikka, CEO of Timeout Foundation, will present the Timeout method and Annina Kainu and Cecilia Lundberg from Åbo Akademi University/BUP Finland will facilitate a Timeout dialogue on social sustainability. 

Timeout is a method to have a constructive dialogue even when we do not agree on an issue. Timeout helps us to learn from the experiences of others, consider different perspectives, understand other people and appreciate diversity. The aim is not consensus but understanding how other people see the issue. Timeout can be a valuable tool toward a well-functioning society and social sustainability, as it is designed to contribute to more constructive discussions and thus less polarization in society.  

Timeout dialogue can also successfully be used in educational settings, and anyone can learn to facilitate a Timeout dialogue. Already more than 50 000 people in Finland and elsewhere have participated in Timeout discussions. Join us to experience this useful method first-hand and understand the issue of social sustainability better! 

You can find out more about the Timeout method on the Timeout website. 

Participation is free of charge, but you need to register. Please register online, by September 15

Detailed information on the event at Social Sustainability – why and how? – The Baltic University Programme – Uppsala University, Sweden (uu.se) 

The on-line seminar series Space Bridges 2.0 is a part of the Baltic University Programme’s anniversary, BUP 30 years.