The Baltic University Programme Finland is for the moment involved in the following projects:

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Cascade (1.1.2019–30.6.2021)

Community Safety Action for Supporting Climate Adaptation and Development, Cascade, deals with risk management of climate change at the city level in the Baltic Sea Region.


Baltic Science Network (2016–2019, 2019–2021)

The aim of the Baltic Science Network (BSN) is to provide science and research ministries of the Baltic Sea region states with an overall coordination framework to develop and implement science policy in a macro-regional dimension and to ensure a better representation of macro-regional interests on the EU level.

A long tradition of project planning and management

The Baltic University Programme Finland and the Centre for Lifelong Learning have a long tradition of managing and collaborating in projects. We collaborate with different actors as a bridge between research, learning and society. In the case of the Baltic University Programme, questions concerning sustainable development and the Baltic Sea Region are in focus. Are you searching for an inspiring and competent project partner? We are open for new angels and collaborations.