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If your answers are yes, the Baltic University Programme (BUP) is the network for you.

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Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland1 day ago
Today the Finnish universities publish 12 ambitious theses and intend to become leaders in sustainable development: ”There is no more time for ceremonial speeches – it’s time to act”
Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland1 week ago
#bupfimember Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) is the only Swedish speaking university in Finland. Swedish is an official language in Finland due to our long common history with Sweden. ÅAU is geographically divided into two campuses with 300 km in between. One campus is situated in Åbo/Turku where the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Faculty of Social sciences and Business/Economics are situated. The other campus in Vasa/Vaasa hosts the Faculty of Education and Welfare studies.

In its recently approved strategy ÅAU engages in particularly caring for the positive and sustainable development of the entire Baltic Sea region. The closeness to the Baltic Sea and the unique archipelago area in SW Finland have built up a tradition with marine and aquatic research interest at ÅAU. Today one of the strategic research profiles is called The Sea with a lively interdisciplinary collaboration between marine biologists, public administration and industrial economy.

Sustainable development has a long background at ÅAU since its involvement in the BUP organization since the beginning 1991. ÅAU hosts the national center of BUP Finland, and is one of three associated secretariats within BUP. Education for Sustainable Development and especially programs for teachers in higher education are the main responsibility for BUP Finland. ÅAU has also representation in BUP’s international board.
Learn more: https://www.abo.fi/en/, https://bup.fi/

Åbo Akademi #åakärlek #bupfimembers #bupfi #balticuniversityprogramme
Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland1 week ago
Warmly welcome to a webinar series about implementing sustainability at universities in respect of teaching, research and campus greening. Information also on: https://bup.fi/implementing-sustainability-at-universities/
Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland2 weeks ago
#bupfimember The University of Jyväskylä (JYU), with its 14,700 students and 2,600 staff members, has an ambitious vision to be a global leader in the study of learning, wellbeing and basic natural phenomena, reshaping competence to build a sustainable society.

JYU has its roots in the Finnish¬-language teacher education. The dialogue between research, education and society is still JYU´s driving force. JYU focuses on wisdom and well-being for people and society. Responsibility and sustainability are overarching objectives that cut across the JYU organization and campus.

JYU.Wisdom - School of Resource Wisdom is a transdisciplinary multifaculty research community, the mission of which is to excel in the study of planetary well-being including responsibility, resource wisdom, circular economy and sustainability of the use of natural resources. The Impact Ranking score shows that JYU is close to the top in ecological sustainability. JYU School of Business and Economics has a long history of teaching and researching responsible business.

Learn more: https://www.jyu.fi/en/
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University of Jyväskylä - Jyväskylän yliopisto
Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland3 weeks ago
#bupfimember Novia University of Applied Sciences is the largest Swedish-speaking UAS in Finland with over 4,000 students. Novia is training students to become experts and developers based on the requirements of working life, and aims at long-term cooperation with HEIs, enterprises and education and research institutions. Practical training is a compulsory part of the studies at Novia. Students may opt to do their internship or write their final thesis in a regional, national or international enterprise or organization, which often leads to employment after graduation.

Novia’s focus areas are *Sustainable Energy Technology, *Bioeconomy, *Health and Welfare, *Maritime Simulation and * Culture and Entrepreneurship. Novia’s campuses are located in Vaasa, Turku, Raseborg and Jakobstad. More information: https://www.novia.fi/novia-uas/
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Yrkeshögskolan Novia - Novia UAS #yrkeshögskolannovia
Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland1 month ago
#bupfimember Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, SAMK, is a multi-disciplinary, international higher education institute of approximately 6,000 students and 400 employees, with the west coast of Finland as operating area. The focus areas of the research are *Automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, *Human participation and functioning, and *Tourism and experience economy.

SAMK is an active operator in climate issues in cooperation with companies, communities and municipalities. SAMK favours climate-friendly transportation and follows, reports and sets goals of decrease for the emission from Pori campus and the use of resources. SAMK has committed itself to a climate partner of the Town of Pori, and thereby in the regional project ILSA – climate-wise Satakunta. The commitment binds the organizations to try to achieve reduction of greenhouse emissions and control of climate change.

More information: samk.fi/en. SAMK - Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

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