• Are you interested in the future of the Baltic Sea?

  • Is a sustainable society important to you?

  • Do you think cooperation and collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region are essential?

If your answers are yes, the Baltic University Programme (BUP) is the network for you.

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Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland2 days ago
The last webinar in the series Implementing sustainability at universities takes place on Tuesday (9 March)! Speaker is David Kronlid, Associate professor of Ethics and senior lecturer in didactics at Uppsala University, Sweden.

There is still time to register! More information: https://bup.fi/implementing-sustainability-at-universities/

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Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland2 weeks ago
The webinar series Implementing sustainability at universities has been admitted as part of the programme of the Year of Research-Based Knowledge 2021. That's good news, we feel honoured to be a part of Tutkitun tiedon teemavuosi 2021!

The year is a national project in Finland to gather actions and events into a programme that gives a comprehensive view of research-based knowledge and its role, for example, in the wellbeing of individuals and in the functioning of society.

Today there is a need for spreading research-based knowledge. During the year different Finnish organisations from associations to educational institutions and from research organisations to enterprises will offer research-based knowledge, and actions and events related to it, to everyone.

The webinar series is arranged by BUP Finland Åbo Akademi University and Baltic University Programme at Uppsala University. The next webinar is on 9 March, and the previous ones can be viewed on youtube. More information: https://bup.fi/implementing-sustainability-at-universities/

The Year of Research-Based Knowledge is a joint initiative organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Academy of Finland and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

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Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland3 weeks ago
There is still time to take part in the photo competition! Tell us about your relationship with the Baltic Sea using a picture and max. 300 words.
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Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland3 weeks ago
Student Ambassador for BUP - is that you?

👍The BUP calls for students and PhD students to become Student Ambassadors 2021.

👍The Student Ambassador will be involved in developing the communication and cooperation within BUP and the 89 participating universities.

👍The position is designed to be a creative and flexible mission, where you are welcome to implement your own ideas and initiatives. Other Student Ambassadors and the BUP Coordinating Secretariat will support you.

👍There is still time to apply, but do it now!

👍In order to apply you need to:
* be a student or PhD student at a BUP participating university
* have the intention of maintaining the status as a student/PhD Student for the full year of 2021.
* have good English skills
* have a basic understanding of environmental or sustainability issues.

👍The position is for one semester, with possibilities for pro longing up to one full year.

👍For detailed information, please see BUP's web page: https://www.balticuniv.uu.se/news-new/?tarContentId=918566

👍To check if your university is a BUP Participating University, please see: https://www.balticuniv.uu.se/.../participating-universities/
Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland4 weeks ago
Yesterday's inspiring webinar on sustainability transformation between education, society and business is also available here:

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Baltic University Programme Finland
Baltic University Programme Finland4 weeks ago
Did you miss the the 1st session of the seminar series "Space Bridges 2.0"? No worries, the presentations are all on Baltic University Programme's Youtube channel.

Space Bridges 2.0 is a seminar series focusing on the post-Cold War environmental development of the Baltic Sea. The seminar series commemorates the space bridges used in the childhood of the BUP to interconnect university teachers, researchers, and students in the Baltic Sea region.

Space Bridges on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSn3eJTX6cJ3MYH7ny4zEdaxBbJwqMABL

The next session is on 18 February. Space Bridges 2.0 programme: https://balticuniv.uu.se/activities/bup-30-years/space-bridges-2.0/

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