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The BUP National Centre in Finland holds the BUP Presidency in the autumn 2022.

The holder of the BUP Presidency is responsible for the content and arrangement of BUP’s annual events. The presidency also includes promotion of the BUP in the own country, along with additional events and activities aimed at strengthening the programme in the country and the region as a whole.

In the autumn 2022 the following activities are arranged by BUP Finland:

The BUP Teachers’ Course, that starts in September 2022.

– The online course Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development (5 cr), starting in September

Planned is also an online seminar “Sustainable research and practice at BUP Finland” on November 17, at 10–12 EET (UTC+2) and an event for students in November. More information about these two events coming up soon.

Also in the autumn, 28 September–29 September, the BUP’s Rectors Conference 2022 will be held at Uppsala University.

The National Centre in Finland is located at the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Åbo Akademi University in Turku. The presidency rotates between the national cenras every six months. After BUP Finland the presidency will rotate to BUP Lithuania in the spring 2023 and Latvia in the autumn 2023.